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Seven secrets to keeping your hair beautiful this winter

date posted 04/11/14, Serenity Loves

Believe it or not but winter can be tougher on your hair than the summer. Harsh winds, cold temperatures, hotter than usual showers and central heating can even be more damaging to your hair than to your skin. To make sure you come through this winter with your luscious locks shining and healthy, we’ve put together our top seven secrets to beautiful winter hair:

1. Keep it trimmed

The winter weather can strip your hair of its natural oils leaving it more vulnerable to split ends and dehydration. To keep your hair looking sleek, it’s even more important to get the ends trimmed regularly. Book an appointment every six to eight weeks and you’ll notice the difference.

2. Use a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner

The wind and cold air can really dull down your hair colour, so we recommend using a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner throughout the winter.

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3. Tie your hair back or wear a hat

Another way to protect the colour and condition of your hair over the winter months is to protect it from the elements as much as possible. If you have short hair, try to wear a hat whenever you’re out and about (if you’re worried about hat hair, you could try wearing a silk scarf under your hat to keep the style in place).

For mid-length hair, it’s a good idea to pull it back into a bun or ponytail whenever you can. This will stop the wind from lashing your hair around and stripping it of its essential natural oils.

If you’re a long-haired beauty, braids are the way to go this winter. Putting your hair in a braid can protect most of it from the winter weather. A great tip is to apply a moisturising oil to your hair before you plait it so that your hair can enjoy a day-long deep moisturising treatment.

4. Keep hair washing to a minimum

Washing your hair too often can also strip it of its important natural oils. In our experience, your hair will best maintain its health over the winter if you’re able to keep washing down to two to three times a week.

5. Never go out with wet hair

Now, we know your mum and granny probably told you not to go out with wet hair because you’ll catch a cold. While research would suggest this isn’t true, going outside with wet hair is still a really bad idea. Why? Whenever water gets cold enough to freeze, it expands. If you head outside with wet hair on a really cold winter’s day, the moisture will expand and harden, causing your hair to become brittle, breakable and easily damaged. It’s a far better idea to make sure that your hair is fully dry before you head out into the elements.

6. Use a good quality heat protect spray

Which brings us to drying your hair. Most of us are more likely to use heated hair appliances such as hairdryers and hair straighteners over the winter. To protect your hair from unnecessary damage, always ensure that you use a good quality heat protect spray before you dry.

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7. Use a hair mask once a week

Our final secret to winter beautiful hair is using a deep conditioning hair mask once a week. Grab a cuppa, glass of wine or your favourite book and head into the bathroom. Slather your favourite hair mask on your hair, then sit back and relax for 20 minutes. It might feel like pampering but it’s really essential winter hair care (which is what you can tell your other half or little ones when they inevitably come trotting into the bathroom to see what you’re doing).

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Have we missed anything from our list? How do you look after your hair over the winter? Do you usually change your haircare routine? We’d love to hear your top tips in the Comments section below or over on our Serenity Loves Facebook page.

And remember, we stock several top-quality products instore so just ask your Stylist to recommend the best products for your hair type to take care of your hair this winter. Receive 10% off your product purchase if purchased when having a treatment in salon.

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