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Serenity Loves is like no salon, have you ever been to a salon with a crèche?

date posted 06/08/14, Serenity Loves

You can feel at ease leaving your children with a qualified Childcare Practitioner in our Playroom with a variety of activities, while you get your sexy back!

Serenity Loves Playroom, reading

While you sit back and relax, your child/children has lots of fun exploring a variety of activities – free flow play! What's even better, we provide this service for children aged from 6 weeks old to 16 years of age. Feeling a bit nervous about leaving your child or never left them before? Don't worry, you can watch your child playing happily in the playroom on our TV screen situated in the salon. It really is BEAUTY WITH EASE!

What our playroom has to offer

Our Playroom provides a service for a range of ages and therefore has a wide variety of activities to offer around the interests for your child. Not only do your children get to play and have FUN! They will achieve and learn at the same time. Below are the areas in which they will develop and achieve while playing with us here at Serenity Loves.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Serenity Loves Playroom, dressing-up

Your child won’t always be the only child in the playroom, this will benefit your child giving them the opportunity to help them make relationships with other children, playing alongside them, communicating during play in turn helping them build their self-confidence. They will also begin to learn how to manage their own feelings and behaviour, learning how to resolve problems/situations e.g. reacting calmly if a child takes a toy from them, learninng to share toys and resources by taking turns when playing games.

Communication and Language Development

Serenity Loves Playroom, painting

The Playroom will also help your younger child develop their speech, having the Practitioner talk to them at their level and hearing other children talking around them. Playing music and singing with your child can help improve their language progression and understanding. Songs that encourage hand movements, facial expressions and the use of musical instruments can reinforce the lyrics. Pretend play with your child can be a great way to provide lots of opportunity to model and reinforce language, imitating everyday life/home experiences or events in their imaginative play e.g. making a cup of tea. Reading with your child will also help increase your child’s vocabulary and help focus on their listening and attention skills. Talking to your child about their experiences/events or family helps them to gain focus and attention listening to others and taking turns.

Physical Development

Serenity Loves Playroom, making

With the variety of activities we provide your child will benefit in their physical development, gaining control over their bodies. Some of the activities that include this are; creative play – messy play and exploring Medias and textures using different parts of the body e.g. hands and feet. Making marks - learning how to hold a pen, gaining control over the pen when making marks. Scissors - children can develop good eye-hand coordination using scissors and understanding what they are used for. Health and self-care can also be a development within the playroom, as your child may be around other children who may be toilet trained. They will learn from, follow and copy other children and should start to communicate their need for the toilet/potty - whether verbally or by using gestures, they will feel happy and comfortable to communicate to our friendly, approachable, welcoming Childcare Practitioner in our fun child friendly environment.

This service doesn’t just benefit you but also benefits your child too!

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