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Know your false lashes

date posted 24/11/14, Tirren

Using false lashes to accentuate your natural lashes gives you a seductive, glamour look for that special night out or just helps frame your eyes for that extra va-va-voom!

Strip Lashes

Cluster Lashes

Strip lashes come in many different styles, lengths, colours and price! Strips can be used for everyday wear or to glam up and evening look. If applied properly they can last you all day and evening but can become irritating to the eye after a certain amount of time. The more you spend on strip lashes definitely has an impact on the quality of lash and the glue provided, if you purchase cheap lashes expect them to be very stiff an synthetic and the glue to not hold very well. You don’t have to spend an absolute fortune, here at Serenity Loves we use Chloe Sims Starship Lashes RRP £6.99. They are made from sterilised human hair, making them soft, supple and easy to apply and wear. They come with black glue which helps to blend much more naturally with your eyeliner line and there are 6 different styles to suit all occasions.

Cluster lashes

Cluster Lashes

A cluster lash is a more semi-permanent lash, designed to last longer than a strip lash but not as long as an individual lash. These are sometimes referred to as individuals but aren’t the same as an extension so if you are unsure always be sure to check. They come in different lengths and colours such as black and brown but also pinks, purples and reds for a more daring look. They are applied using tweezers and clear or black glue, they take around 15-30mins to apply a full set and you can have a natural look or a fuller thicker look, your therapist will discuss this with you before the treatment. The glue used isn’t very strong therefore you will not need a skin test however the odour it produces may cause your eyes to water a little.

The lifespan of your lashes will depend on how you care for them. Keeping them dry is essential, avoiding oily eye make-up products and picking at your lashes as these will all cause your lashes to come out prematurely and may also result in your natural lash being pulled out with it. To successfully remove them you must come back into salon to have them taken off or wait until them shed naturally

Individual eyelash extension

Cluster Lashes

Individual eyelash extensions are designed to last around 30days and need to be in filled every 2-3 weeks, this means replacing the lashes that have shed with new ones. The artificial Lashes will shed with your own eyelash and this will happen at different times depending on your own hair cycle. Extensions can be used for thickness and/or length. A full set will cover at least every other eyelash and a half set is used for the corner to add length an open out the eye or through the lashes to create thickness. Extensions come in synthetic, silk or mink varieties, different lengths starting from 8mm up to 16mm, thickness start from 0.15mm for a very natural look and up to 0.25mm for a more noticeable look and also different curls including the j curl, c curl, b curl and d curl.

Your therapist will chose the best one to suit your natural lashes. The glue used for these lashes is very strong and therefore requires a skin test 24-48hrs prior to your appointment. A small bit of the glue is applied to the corner of your eye, your eyes will water for a moment but this should pass quickly. If you have a positive reaction you eye will become itchy, red and maybe even swollen and you will not be able to have the treatment done. Once you have had your lashes applied they must remain dry for 24hrs.

Caring for them is easy and your therapist will tell you everything you need to know.

Here at Serenity Loves we retail eyelash products to help with growth such as Brow Boost RRP £22 this helps encourage growth of your natural lashes following extensions, Long Life Sealer RRP £15.95 this helps maintain the life of your lashes while you have extensions on, it will remove oils from them and keep them supple.

Tirren x

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