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date posted 20/06/17, Chantelle

Chantelle-portraitHi, for those of you who don’t know me my name is Chantelle, I am a level 3 stylist at Serenity Loves.

My favourite part of my job is colouring! I love to be creative and create new looks for my clients making them feel good!

Opposite is a photo of a before and after picture of my client last week who wanted a brighter change!

serenity-hairstyleI created this new style for my client by doing a full head of highlights! Now the weather is getting warmer this clients chose for a few of her tones to be cooler!

Because colour is one of my favourite things to do, I also take a keen interest on how to maintain the colour and look after the hair after it has been coloured. I feel it is very important that I give my clients the best after care advice and suitable products to use as well as a great colour!

I absolutely LOVE the new “Insight” coloured shampoo and conditioner range! It is great with both highlighted, ballyaged and full head colour hair! Below I have wrote the benefits of using this shampoo and conditioner and why it is so fab!

The coloured hair shampoo helps to protect the colour from fading and discolouring. It helps to protect the colour giving it an even longer lasting results, the shampoo is fab for rehydrating the hair after being coloured, deeply nourishing the hair while protecting and extending the life of colour. It helps to brighten and enhance the colour, revitalising the hair. Even better is keeps the hair looking smooth and soft.

I then like to use the colour hair conditioner this is because it is lightweight and will give an anti-tangle affect without weighing the hair down, it works with the same shampoo by locking in the colour and protecting the hair. For those who love the silky and shiny look, this is just what it does!!

Insight productsFor that extra hydrating and conditioning boost, you can use the coloured hair mask.

The mask only needs to be used 1-2 times a week depending on the hair type. After you have washed your hair, towel dry it and comb out any tangles and gently massage the mask into your hair, half way down your head working it towards the ends of your hair particularly! You will then need to leave the mask on for at least 10-15 minutes and then rinse fully. This will help protect and prolong the hair colour, enhancing the colour and brightness. BONNUS it will also protect the hair shaft from damage that is caused by daily wear this can be from using heat on the hair or humidity.

BUT what I LOVE most about our new “Insight” hair care range is that all of the products are ORGANIC and do not contain sulphate, parabens or silicone. The colour protection range contains henna extract, mango butter, grape seed oil, emollient and antioxidant. Organic macadamia oil is nourishing and protecting. Leaving your hair feeling fresh and clean with no build-up of products and ingredients that we don’t need, getting a thorough clean!

We have a variety of “Insight” products in store ranging from, dry hair to anti-frizz, to damaged hair to daily use! There is something for everyone, which is what makes Insight so great!!

Chantelle x

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