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Six Easy Tips for Healthy Hair

date posted 22/07/13, Serenity Loves

Here at Serenity Loves we love sharing hints and tips to ensure you are making the most of your beautiful hair. This blog explains six ways that you can help maintain gorgeous, healthy hair.


We advise that you get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks. This will get remove any dry ends that have a habit of breaking off, therefore allowing your hair to grow healthily.

Tigi's Rockaholic Dirty Sercet

By washing your hair everyday you are essentially washing out all of your natural oils that make your hair healthy, by doing this you are getting your hair into the routine of NEEDING it to be washed everyday. Prevent this by washing it every couple of days and ensuring you are only putting conditioner on the middle and the ends of your hair or using a dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh. At Serenity Loves we use Tigi’s Rockaholic, Dirty Secret which is just £12.95 and available to buy in store.

Paul Mitchell's Super Strong Treatment

By using treatments on your hair this helps to fill any empty gaps that there might be in your hair shaft that lacks protein. after using a treatment you can instantly feel a difference, feeling soft and smooth. One easy way of knowing that your hair is in need of a treatment is when you run your fingers down you hair and its more bumpy than it is smooth. In salon we use either Paul Mitchell’s Super Strong Treatment or Paul Mitchell’s Instant Moisture Daily Treatment at the basin for only £3.95 or take home 200ml for £14.95.


You should always towel dry the middle and ends of your hair before putting your conditioner or treatment on. The reason behind this is, if you dont towel dry your hair slightly then the conditioner will slide off your hair shaft and will not work as well as it should do, resulting in the conditioner or treatment not working properly.

GHD Heat Protector

Using a heat protector on your hair before applying any heat source such as a hairdryer, straighteners or tongs is important because it helps prevent damage or burning to the hair. By not using a heat protector you run the risk of the heat causing split ends and breaking off.


Consuming a balanced diet is very important for your hair as this leads to a healthy scalp, and a healthy scalp leads to shiny, full and bouncy hair!

We hope you have enjoyed you quick six point guide to Keeping Your Hair Healthy, let us know what you think below and let make sure you keep updated with our blogs.

The Serenity Loves Team x

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