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Face Mapping

date posted 09/03/16

Cleanser? Check. Toner? Check. Moisturiser? Check. Skin care complete?

Wrong. You’re missing the mask.

Don’t have enough time to sit back and relax? What if you knew the benefits to “relaxing”, 30 small minutes can add a 100 times more benefits to your skin and mind.

Here at Serenity Loves we are introducing face mapping to our vast amount of treatments. Face mapping is an advanced consultation that will look beyond epidermis (the visible layer of the skin). We start with sectioning the face into 4 sections and look at each section as one and not a whole as the whole skin can be categorised as one.

Once we have assessed the skin we will then be able to decide the best masks for you, yes that’s, right masks. We have specific masks for every client’s individual needs, all masks will be made during the facial so we can achieve the best results for your skin.

Dry T-zone, oily cheeks, congested chin? No problem, more than one mask can be applied to the face at one time. Fullers earth, magnesium carbonate, calamine, kaolin which can be mixed with witch hazel, orange flower water, rose water or almond oil, we can also add a dash of lavender or tea tree oil to clear the mind and relax the body. All these products are natural and pure but once mixed together can completely change the skin.

But what are the benefits? Most people don’t understand the benefits off what a good facial can offer. As a skin professional it is my duty to let you know. Most people will wait until they have a skin issue before coming in for a facial, while this is ok, these frustrating problems we all want solving will often be pre-empted by monthly facials and advised the correct after care.

We understand times are tough and we have to cut back on purchases however here is why a monthly facial is a good investment. Your skin is the one thing that you wear daily; it is constantly on show and can determine how good we feel. At Serenity Loves, we believe investing in good monthly facials is as important as buying that dress you might wear once but then forget about, after all our skin is with us for a lifetime.

The reason we recommend monthly facials is because of the skin ‘28 day shred cycle’. The stratum corneum (the outermost layer) will desquamate every 28 days, in this time your current skin cells are being replicated by your new skin cells, so why not give them a head start by looking after your current ones. Giving you a better completion month after month.

Aside from being totally relaxing a facial has many more benefits. Increased circulation- this will allow the blood to flow around your body smoother and contribute to renewing new skin cells.

Lower blood pressure- while you sit back and relax your body is taking time out from its busy life and taking time to relax its self, resulting in a calmer state of mind and body.

Clearing completion – Renewing skin cells can be a hard job especially when we don’t look after them, facials will help the renewal of cells will result in a clearing completion and even tone.

And many more, here at Serenity loves we want to provide you with the best skin you can have and wear. Wear your skin with pride.

Don’t delay, book in for your free face mapping consultation now, call us on 01733 687 835, message us on Facebook or visit our website to book online 24/7.

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