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Make it big! - blow dry perfect for Christmas party

date posted 12/12/14, Serenity Loves

While you may think that this look is only achievable by a professional hair stylist, Diana our graduate stylist at Serenity Loves reveals that it is also a simple style to recreate at home, if you use the right products and tools.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. To begin shampoo your hair with the “TIGI Recovery Shampoo” and condition your hair with “TIGI Recovery Conditioner”, towel dry your hair after leaving in as much moisture as possible.

  2. Apply a root lift spray, such as “TIGI Small talk” and then add a different volumiser such as “Paul Mitchell extra-body daily boost“ spraying on the roots and all over the hair to help create a big blow dry, protect your hair from heat with a spray protection such as “milk shake Incredible milk 12 effect” for protecting, shining, repairs the hair, frizz control, preventing split ends, detangling, smoothing the cuticle, this products can be used on all hair types.

  3. Flip your head upside down and continue drying with your fingers, keeping your hairdryer air on low speed and low heat, letting gravity help you build volume in your hair.

  4. Once your hair is close to dry, turn up the heat on the GHD air and flip your head back up, continue using the brush (such as GHD ceramic round brush). If you like a soft no-parting look you will need to work the brush around the head, starting from the front of your hair working your way round to the back. Keep the Hairdryer close to the brush as you curl the hair around the brush, brushing it in an upwards direction.

  5. Make use of the cool shot button on the GHD air to fix the style, once the hair is completely dry and volume perfected, a blast of cold underneath the style will give it a tousled look.

  6. To complete the look use hair spray such as “TIGI masterpiece” this is not too heavy, and will hold and give shape to your volume. Then use a “TIGI sugar dust” shake a little bit of powder to the roots and rub it in using finger tips and apply a serum on the ends this will give you the smooth finish.

Today’s blow dry isn’t about a flat blow dry, the style gives you big, loose and sexy hair, with movement, volume and shine!

Diana x

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