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Ashleigh’s guide for your hair this summer

date posted 04/03/18, Ashleigh

  • Hydrate
  • Moisturise
  • Protect
  • Style with ease

Whether you’re on holiday or at home your hair is bound to feel the stress of a hotter, more humid climate throughout the summer months… as much as you’d probably not realise in sunny England!

Therefore, you need to be generous to your hair otherwise it’s not going to be very forgiving! And let’s all face it, nobody wants to be looking frizzy in that lovely beach photo, nor have dry unruly hair to style for that big summer wedding! So it’s simple, firstly you need a hydrating (preferably sulphate free) shampoo and conditioner. Unless your around chlorine a lot – then invest in a deep cleansing or purifying shampoo. This is the first step for a reason, there’s no point on spending out on amazing hair products if your basics aren’t covered! I personally like to use Insight Anti-Frizz Shampoo and conditioner to hydrate and would use Insight Re-balancing shampoo as a deep cleanser to remove any chlorine build up.

Secondly use a leave in conditioner to moisturise and a UV/heat protector. This is a very important step, you wouldn’t go out without any protection on your skin would you?! I find that Milkshake 12 effects is the perfect all in one product for this. Use 2-6 sprays depending on the thickness and length of your hair and work through with a detangling brush like the Mini-u prostyler. Once again, so many people spend out on expensive products and then tear them through their hair with an ordinary brush/comb, resulting in a reversal of care. This creates frizz as the cuticle is raised, and snapping which combined with your surrounding climate equals absolute chaos! So detangle your hair with ease, it is SOO important!

So now your hair has been covered from the moment you started your routine it would be sensible to use a product to help smooth any leftover open cuticles such as a small amount of oil or serum. Use a few drops, rub in between hands and only work through the ends. This step can be repeated once you have dried and styled your hair to not only smooth and add shine but to lock in all the hard work you have just put in to your hair. I personally like to use Kitoko oil treatment for this step.

Styling your hair should be gentle in the hotter months, keeping backcombing to a minimum. Try to stick with natural, curly loose styles if your hair is down. Stick with loose/messy buns and plaits if your hair is up. These styles accommodate the hotter seasons very well as they almost disguise any fizziness or dryness and are well suited to a more bubbly summer style!

Ashleigh x

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