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Intoducing: Bethany

date posted 15/08/14, Bethany

Bethany,Serenity LovesIn my first month at Serenity Loves I was introduced to how the salon runs and what my role was in the salon. I was given a list of what needs to be checked throughout the day so that our salon looks clean, professional and presentable. I was shown by a senior member of staff how to take calls and how to book in clients on the computer system. To achieve this I have to listen to the client’s needs and arrange a day and time with the client that they’re happy with.

From the start I was made aware of the high standards of the customer service policy here at Serenity Loves. This includes delivering the highest standard of care and customer service to our clients by listening to them and putting their needs and requirements first. "At Serenity Loves customer service is not a phrase but is at the foundation of everything that we do"

I feel that since I started in the salon, I have progressed well and get on with my jobs and making sure they’re all done by the end of the day, completing my end-of-the-day jobs ready to start a new day and to be organised ready for when clients come through the salon. The more I answer the phone the more confident I am getting in speaking to clients and listening to what they’re asking from the hair or beauty treatments we provide. For an example, if it's the first visit by the client and they have requested to book in for a full head permanent colour, we explain that they must have a skin test from us before they come to the salon for their colour appointment to avoid disappointment. Protecting our clients from a possible allergic reaction to our products is paramount therefore we insist that skins tests are done at least 24 hours before treatments.

Even though I have only worked here for a few weeks, I am confident that I am learning a lot from the stylists throughout my training. I have observed and helped them by mixing up extra colour for them to use which is teaching me how much colour and peroxide I would need to use during a service of my own in the future. Aat the basins I have shadowed the stylists putting on toners for the clients, by watching this I get to see what colour they will be using and why. This also includes methods of applying a toner and how long it will need to stay on for the perfect finish for the client. I am also learning how the stylists create special occasion looks for a client and how they interact with the client to achieve the look the client is hoping for by using open and closed questions. By watching I have observed the process by the stylists step-by-step on how to achieve special occasion hair updo and what techniques you use throughout the service.

Bethany x

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